Murr was established in spring 2008, in Sudavik, a small fishing village on the far northwest coast of Iceland. We are passionate about producing a top-of-the-line pet food based exclusively on the nutritional needs of the animal. More >>


Formulated with unparalleled knowledge of animal physiology and nutritional requirements, MURR produces the best food for the most loved pets through ethical sourcing of biodynamic based, human grade ingredients. We use only the purest available raw materials fit for human consumption with absolutely no additives, fillers, supplements or preservatives.

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Our Cavalier King Charles, Willow had health issues, which included extra weight gain and difficulty fighting off illness. We tried a raw food diet with her, but it just brought on terrible stomach issues. When we started feeding her Urr, Willow took to it immediately and within weeks we saw incredible overall improvement in her health, weight and happiness. We can not recommend Urr enough, dogs love itboth inside and out.

– Hadley Pollet, Boston, MA
   Willow, aka Peanut.

David, Thanks for stopping by the store yesterday. I am happy to say that I sent out your dog food samples to my loyal customers yesterday. THey have already responded back... "Leila LOVED!! the food!! - Jeff Sheldon" and "Deb - you know how picky Dolce is... he SCUFFED down the URR food you gave me. Hope you get it in stock soon!! Denise :)" Thanks again!

– Debbie Ringer, Totowa, NJ
   Patsy's Pet Shop

Dear Murr, When our daughter put some of the Murr cat food in our cat Noel's dish on top of some of her favorite food she immediately, and carefully ate the Murr and left the other. Obviously she preferred the Murr. What else can one say! I also enjoyed the package design as we have a long standing relationship with Iceland.

– Pamela Hollocher: Sudbury, MA
   Noel the Cat

David, I want to let you know what a great hit the Murr/Urr food was at the Leef Peeper Cluster held at the Eastern State Exposition. Every person who was either given a sample or purchased a couple of packages to try all came back for more. Some people were buying 20 packages at a time! We sold out completely and we were very pleased with the results. It is a perfect fit for dog show people who are traveling and trying to get their show dogs to eat. Let me know which stores are selling it. I have also told several store owners about it and how well it sold for us. I look forward to promoting Murr Foods! Thank you.

– Joy Paules, Happy Dog of Cape Cod, MA
   Perfect food for traveling show dogs